To connect the people and communities of Hood River County with an accessible and more sustainable future.


 Through the strength of our people and partners, we provide safe, reliable, accessible and efficient customer-focused public transportation services in Hood River County

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About CAT

Hood River County Transportation District provides public transportation in Hood River County under the name of Columbia Area Transit (CAT).  We are a Special District organized under Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 267.  Our major sources of funding include grants from the Federal Transit Administration, several different sources from the State of Oregon, local property tax and user fees.   The District was formed by a vote of Hood River County Residents in 1993.


Safety – We will ensure the safety of our employees, customers and transit systems.

Customer Service – We will work with our customers to meet their needs and exceed their expectations

Sustainability – We will continuously improve and be accountable for our financial, environmental and social outcomes.

Integrity – As stewards of public resources, we will use our assets prudently and conduct ourselves honestly and respectfully.

Community Driven – As stakeholders in Hood River County, we strive to ensure our services contribute to the social, cultural and economic betterment of all residents.

Innovation – We will pursue opportunities to enhance value for our customers.

Collaboration – We will cultivate strong partnerships, community connections and links to other types of travel.

Teamwork – As a team, we celebrate diversity, foster effective communication; and promote advancement.