STIF Committee Meeting Dates:

October, 5, 2018 - 8:15am - 10:15am Location: 224 Wasco Loop - CAT Facility

October 11, 2018 - 8:15am - 10:15am Location: 224 Wasco Loop - CAT Facility


STIF Plan Submittal Dates to ODOT

November 1, 2018 -  funds available April 2019 

April 1, 2019  - funds available November 2019


Overview of STIF

HRCTD Eligible STIF Projects Plans

HRCTD Specific Links

9/26 - Draft Project List

10/5 - Agenda & Attachments: Agenda Item 2; Agenda Item 4; Agenda Item 5





forStatewide Transportation Improvement Fund (STIF).


The State Transportation Improvement Fund (STIF) program was passed by the Oregon legislature in 2017.  The STIF funds provide a new dedicated source of funding to expand public transportation to access jobs, improve mobility, relieve congestion and reduce greenhouse gas emissions around Oregon.  Hood River County is expected to receive over $1M dollars for transit projects between April 2019 and June 2021. 

Hood River County Transportation District (HRCTD or CAT) is the entity in Hood River County who has been designated by the Legislature to develop the County's STIF plan.  HRCTD must work with a committee to select the projects that will make up HRCTD's 2019-2021 STIF Plan.   

Only projects that have been identified and included in an adopted and approved plan may be included in the project list. HRCTD has two plans that have met the established criteria and will be used for project selection - these include the HRCTD Transit Master Plan and the Hood River County Coordinated Human Services Plan 

At their September 2018 Board Meeting the HRCTD Board approved committee bylaws and appointed the following individuals to serve on the STIF Committee:

  • Kevin Liburdy - City of Hood River (Jurisdictional Representative)
  • Jeff Hecksel - Hood River County (Jurisdictional Representative)
  • Martha Zapien - The Next Door (Latino & Low-income Representative)
  • Leticia Valle - Blue Zone & CAT Board Member  (Low-Income, Environmental & Public Transit Provider Representative)
  • Rob Brostoff - Cascade Locks Resident & CAT Board Member (Community & Public Transit Provider Representative)
  • Kristen Dillion - PacificSource (Low-Income, Seniors & Persons with Disabilities Representative)
  • Britta Wilson - Volunteers In Action, Aging in the Gorge ([Seniors & Persons with Disabilities Representative)
  • Leanne Hogie - CAT Board Member (Public Transit Provider Representative)
  • Donald Benefield - Hood River Valley School District (Youth Representative)

The Board has also invited four individuals to serve as Ex-officio members of the Committee.  Ex-officio members are allowed to participate in the Committee discussion and weigh in on the project list - but they cannot vote:

  • Kathy Fitzpatrick - Transportation Options Manager, MCEDD
  • Jessica Metta - The Dalles LINK Director, MCEDD
  • Fran Finney - Aging in the Gorge 
  • Beth Boyce - CAT Rider (Persons with Disability Representative)


The first STIF Committee will be held on October 5, 2018 (Agenda)  The second STIF Committee is scheduled for October 11, 2018.  The Committee may opt to have additional meetings if necessary to select an appropriate project list.

HRCTD Staff have put together an initial list of projects proposed for funding.  The STIF Committee will review and discuss this list and may add additional projects for consideration.  Once finalized, the Committee will submit the list to the HRCTD Board for formal approval.  Once the list has been approved the Hood River STIF Funding Plan will be developed by HRCTD staff and submitted to ODOT for funding approval. 

There are two distinct dates when Plans can be submitted.  The first submittal date is November 1, 2018.   Plans submitted by this date receive funding beginning April 2019.  The second submittal date is April 1, 2019.  Plans submitted by this date receive funding beginning November 1, 2019.