Monthly Archives: January 2017


Severe Weather Route Closure

All bus routes for 1-18-2017 have been cancelled for the safety of our passengers, employess and equiptment,  due to the severe ice storm. All life essential medical routes will be performed as scheduled. Please visit our website often for updates on route closures. Please be safe and Thank You  

Fixed Route Closure Portland/The Dalles

The Portland fixed route for Tuesday 1/16/2017 has been cancelled due to severe weather. The morning fixed route to The Dalles has also been cancelled due to the same severe weather warning in the Gorge. All local routes around Hood River will be running as scheduled, this will include Dial-a-Ride services as well. Please visit [...]

Severe Weather Closure 1/11/2017

Due to severe weather in the Hood River County area, Coulmbia Area Transit will be canceling all routes for Wednesday 1/11/2017. However , ALL medical/life essential sheduled rides will be performed. All other scheduled rides are cancelled. The Dial-a-Ride function and routes will also be canceled for 1/11/2017. Please check our site regularly, as updates [...]