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Hood River County Transportation District (HRCTD) has created operating guidelines to ensure the safety of children under eight years of age. Children under five years of age must have an adult with them for their entire trip. An adult is anyone sixteen years of age or older.

Children five through seven years old may ride the bus alone if there is an adult at the place of departure and arrival. If the point of departure or arrival is a school that is in session, no direct adult supervision is required. One adult may supervise a group of children, for example, a block parent supervising a neighborhood group waiting for a ride to school. To make arrangements for your child to ride when no adult supervision is available, please contact HRCTD at 541-386-4202.

A parent may sign a waiver of responsibility to allow their five to seven year old child to ride HRCTD without adult supervision at the pick-up and drop-off points. Once the signed waiver is received by HRCTD, the drivers will be notified to allow pickup and drop off of the child without adult supervision. Please call 541-386-4202 for more information.