Transit Master Plan

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The Hood River County Transportation District is preparing a plan to enhance the area’s public bus service in both the short term and over the next 20 years. When completed, the transit master plan will describe how the bus system can enhance public access to key destinations for residents, employees and visitors of Hood River County with a focus on people who rely on the bus to get around.


The transit master plan will include:

  • Existing bus routes and areas for improvement
  • New bus route options in Hood River County
  • Priority enhancements to intercity bus services
  • A plan to fund and complete the improvements


The final plan depends on answers to key community questions:

  • Where are the major attractions in Hood River County?
  • Which locations are difficult to reach without a car?
  • Who needs to access bus service?
  • What are the most common trip purposes when people take the bus?
  • How should we prioritize limited funding?
  • What services, programs or benefits will help encourage the use of public transit?


Everyone benefits from better public transit

Increases travel choices

People have more travel options in a better transit system, making it easier to take the bus where you need to go, or make it part of your journey on foot or by bike.

Increases access

Not everyone can drive a car. Transit improvements will help people reliably reach their destinations on schedule. 

Addresses traffic congestion 

More people on the bus means fewer cars on the road. Better transit will be part of the plan to ease congestion in downtown Hood River.


Sign up at to receive updates on the planning process. We’ll invite you to public events and ask for your feedback as the plan develops.


A public survey is open through March 24, 2017 to gather your feedback on future bus route improvements.

Find the survey at or go to

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Existing public transit service

Established fixed bus routes provide scheduled service through Hood River with intercity service to The Dalles and Portland. The transit master plan will explore ways to enhance existing routes and add new routes that improve community benefits. MORE INFO:


Hood River County Transportation District provides public transportation in Hood River County under the name of Columbia Area Transit. We offer both fixed bus routes and dial- to-ride transit services to residents of Hood River County and the surrounding Columbia River Gorge area. CONTACT US: 541-386-4202 or