Inclement Weather

Safety of our customers is our number one priority. During periods of snow, fog freezing rain or other inclement weather we may delay or suspend our services. Please call (541) 386-4202 for updates or check online at

Holiday Closures

CAT does not run on these holidays:

  • New Year’s Day; 
  • Martin Luther King’s Birthday; 
  • President’s Day; 
  • Memorial Day; 
  • Fourth of July; 
  • Labor Day; 
  • Thanksgiving Day and the day after Thanksgiving; 
  • Christmas Day.

Please note:   When a holiday falls on a Sunday, it will be observed on the following Monday. If a holiday falls on a Saturday, it will be observed on the preceding Friday


Accessible Buses -  All CAT buses have wheelchair lifts or ramps and are accessible to customers in wheelchairs. All CAT Drivers are specially trained to assist customers with disabilities. Priority seating is given to seniors and persons with disabilities on our vehicle

Bikes on Buses - All CAT buses are equipped with bike racks. The racks are safe and easy to use. All drivers are knowledgeable about the use of bike racks.

Service Animals - Service or guide animals are allowed on all Community Transit buses other animals are only allowed if they are in a confined carrying container.

Rules for RidingRiders have responsibilities, too. The following rules are enforced by CAT and if not followed could lead to exclusion from the transit system:

  • Valid and correct fare is required
  • Gve up your seat for a senior or person with disability.
  • Don't threaten or intimidate riders or operators.
  • Don’t be so loud that you disturb others.
  • Practice safety, don’t block the aisles or doors with bags, strollers or other large objects.
  • Keep food and drinks in closed containers.
  • No smoking on CAT property, vehicles or facilities.

Children - Children 7 and under ride free with a paying passenger.  Children 8 years and older may ride without a parent but must pay a fare.  In limited circumstances, children under 8 may ride alone but only if a parent or guardian has prearranged the trip with CAT.

Safety Tips - A few safety tips to keep in mind while riding the bus:

  • Don’t run across traffic or in front of a bus unless its stopped at a red light. 
  • When it’s dark out, wear light-colored clothing, reflectors or lights
  • Hold on to a seat or handrail while the bus or train is in motion
  • Keep track of your belongings while you’re on board, and be sure to secure your smartphone or tablet when you’re near the doors.